that’s why we love jazz

Hi couplez,

thanks banget kalian uda sempat-sempatin datang main ke blog adit ^_^ . for this posting, i’d like to share some of our performances : the piano, the jazz, the team, the lovely songs, everything ! ..

talking about jazz music, i don’t consider myself as jazz musician or jazz singer, i’m more like a free fly kind of type. i love to sing a song my way, well…  but i hope you like it ^_^ so, these videos are some of your performances when we played jazz .. enjoy ! ( don’t forget to put on your earphone while listening )

blue moon

bubuy bulan

girl from ipanema

can’ t take that away from me – jammie cullum


close to you

that’s all – groove version

lovin you

what a difference a day made

fly me to the moon


entertainment expert ‘

wedding music entertainment by joshua aditya and hardhy

email :

wa : 087828083777 / 085219312222

line : joshua.aditya

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