Expert and the Blueberry Cheese Cake !

huaaa !! .. temans,, adit hari ini seneengggg bangett !! begitu adit nyampe rumah, di rumah ada kiriman blueberry cheesecake buat adit … Bingung ?? banget!! Karena adit ga ulang taun hari ini .. Begitu adit buka kartu ucapannya, ternyata cake tersebut dari Nila and Bambang, yang merit kemaren ( Minggu, tanggal 24 January 2010) ! huahaha .. seeeneeengg banget ! ..

Nila and bambang,  actually, it was a pleasure to be with both of you in the greatest moment of your life .. standing infront of the gate of a new day .. a new adventure of your life has been begun .. and THIS CAKE ! .. huahaha .. i really love it so much ..! Not only because i’m a cheese cake lover, but also when i realize that for you , me and my team are not only accompanist, but also a part of your most beautiful day.. ^_^ i really really really do appreciate that ! ^_^ ..

happily ever after for you two  ^_^ ..

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