TIPS : How To Hunt a New Song For YoUR wEDdIng !!

You might get bored !! Trust me.. everytime you come to your friends’ wedding .. and you have to hear every single similar songs from place to place.. Guys, this is the right time for you to be wise and pick a new romantic song, and ‘bukan lagu sejuta umat’ !!!

I have some tips for you before you pick the songs :

1. search in the internet with key words : romantic song, wedding song 2008, wedding song R&B , etc.

2. after you seach, then download it eventhough you haven’t heard it yet. This is the right way for you to hunt for a new song!

3. Find the lyrics !! Makes sure that the lyrics is a romantic love songs, not a sad song! For example : overjoyed, home by michael buble. I sometimes hear it when i come to my friends wedding. Those songs are not a happy song! Anyway somehow you can’t sing We Are the Champion, or One Moment in Time though. You can’t sing Always be My Baby by Mariah Carey/David Cook. Eventhough the title sounds very romantic, this song is talking about somekind of a divorce.

4. After you find the lyrics, and you decide to ask your wedding entertainment to play it, makes sure that your wedding entertainment will be able to play it perfectly. You can decide it if you compare the band genre, with the desireable song. You can’t ask a group of R&B to sing dangdut , right ?! Yuph ! You can’t also ask a group of pop to play a jazzy tunes. Or a group of indonesian songs, to sing Western songs. The articulation will be awfull.. Geee.!!!! I just can’t imagine it.

That’s it !!

Happy hunting !!


2 thoughts on “TIPS : How To Hunt a New Song For YoUR wEDdIng !!

    • Entertainment Expert says:

      ^_^ iya .. kalo liad judulnya mungkin kedengerannya lagu romantis .. tapi kalo perhatiin liriknya :

      verse 1
      We were as one babe
      For a moment in time
      And it seemed everlasting
      That you would always be mine
      Now you want to be free
      So I’m letting you fly
      Cause I know in my heart babe
      Our love will never die, no

      verse 2
      I ain’t gonna cry no
      And I won’t beg you to stay
      If you’re determined to leave girl
      I will not stand in your way
      But inevitably you’ll be back again
      Cause ya know in your heart babe
      Our love will never end no

      so, banyak yang tidak menyadari bahwa sebenernya itu lagu putus ^_^
      hal ini juga kejadian dengan lagu Keith Martin -I’ll never find someone like you.. dari judulnya itu lagu cinta .. padahal .. di lagu itu … diceritainnya si Cewe nya selingkuh .. gitu .. hehehe..

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